On location recording/live tracking -- rehearsal studio, live concert, in my recording studio, voice overdubs etc etc. Whether recording a live concert, a conference, an album production in a rehearsal space or a coporatevent. Or tracking an audiobook or a audio podcast I can provide the best solutions for my clients based on 20 years of experience in the field.


Editing of any audio material, podcasts, audio to video sync and dialog replacement. Cutting out breaths, removing pauses/hesitations and distilling the impact of any audio voice recording, so the essential messages are conveyed properly. Editing a music track down to the correct length or speed for a corresponding video track and the conversion to/from any audio format. Voiceover editing to video (dialog replacement), whether it be the original language or a dubbing.


Complex and basic noise removal and audio qualitative improvements. Your audio recording levels are too low? You need to get rid of a hiss, a buzz or some annoying background noise from a recording, a video recorded from a home office with some nasty resonance, room reverb or fan noise? Most noise can be removed or at the very least mitigated with the latest technology, and to the highest qualitative standards.


Finished 2 track mastering, certified for Apple Digital Masters (ADM) - to broadcast or streaming standards. Mastering is the final step and final check of a mix before it is released, final coat of varnish if you will. As a ADM certified mastering engineer, I can ensure that your final audio track in all genres, will sound the best it can across all listening environments and complies with the correct loudness standards.


Whether I engineered and recorded a production for you or it was tracked elsewhere (office, pro studio, home studio, live stage, bedroom...), I can mix your audio tracks to your exact specifications and standards, to achieve a professional final result. Everything from audio FX, dialog, music, and ambiance need to be handled professionally no matter what the final output may be -- song, video, advertisement, corporate messaging.


Whether it may be your children's first words captured on a vintage cassette tape, an old favorite mix on a MiniDisc, an album master transferred from DAT or even an obscure vinyl in your collection, I can transfer these flawlessy to a current digital medium and format. I apply and work exclusively use mastering grade conversion from Metric Halo ULN 8 hardware.

"Working with Mathias to mix and master my music is always a great experience. He knows how to get a product sounding exactly how you want it to, and is very easy
to work with.

I highly recommend Mathias as an engineer, mixer, producer, and look forward to working together for a long time."

- Nader Hamid / Musician

"Audio Editing on Avid Pro Tools
There’s a lot of people on this platform, but this one is actually an audio producer! A real one! Because of COVID - it’s rare to have someone of his skill available, I consulted with him on my project, his son sounds, examples and knowledge were so good! Get the best, he’s right here, get him while he’s still available."

- Samuel Phelps / ABC Sydney

Audio and Recording Engineering Services